Our Facilities

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The current site of just under four acres of land, which represents the first and only permanent home of Christ Lutheran Church, was approved for purchase by the congregation on July 30, 1961. The first worship service was held here on March 7, 1965.  Thirty-six years later, on April 22, 2001, the congregation approved a three-phase contract to expand the church facilities. The new, handicap accessible building, which included a sanctuary, narthex, and restrooms, was dedicated on June 2, 2002. This project also included the renovation of the original sanctuary to include new pastor and secretary’s offices, fellowship hall, and remodeled kitchen, along with the addition of a new main entrance and parking lot. The sanctuary can now accommodate up to 200 individuals for worship and the fellowship hall capacity is 125 with tables and chairs and 250 people with chairs only. Between 2010 and 2018 the original offices and classrooms were converted for other uses and the outdoor playground originally built in 2006 was upgraded. The current use of the remodeled indoor space includes a nursery, youth room, bridal room and lounge, property team workroom, and a chapel and columbarium. The chapel and columbarium, which was our latest building renovation project, was dedicated on January 21, 2018.

We are now focused on upgrades to our outdoor spaces to include our new memorial garden, which was dedicated on October 27, 2019. Additional landscaping improvements have been made in 2020 to include south and west side landscaping and the east side parking lot. Work still needs to be done to once again upgrade our playground.  Due in great measure to two property teams that take excellent care of our facilities, and a congregation committed to proper support of those facilities, we do not have any deferred maintenance at this time. The mortgage on the 2002 addition was paid off in January 2020 and we are currently a debt free church family.

Southeast to Northwest view
Memorial garden
Brides Room Lounge
Main entrance
Fellowship Hall
Pastors Office
South Side view of Christ Lutheran Church
Worship Service
West side view of Christ Lutheran Church