Ways in Which We Support Our Pastor

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  • We currently have in place a Mutual Ministry team whose function is to provide support and direction to the pastor and to review the ministry of the pastor and congregation together.
  • We have an open connection with the Quincy Area Ministerial Association, which is available to our pastor, along with participating in the Volunteer Chaplaincy Program at Blessing Hospital. We also support our pastor's involvement as a volunteer chaplain at our area nursing homes. Participation in these groups provide opportunities for our pastor to build meaningful, faith-based relationships with pastoral colleagues throughout the immediate area.
  • We provide our pastor with monetary support for professional development and for attendance at conference and synod level meetings of the Central/Southern Illinois Synod of the ELCA.
  • The ministry teams and executive committee carry out many of the business and administration functions of the church, care of the property, and directing of programs of outreach to the congregation and community. Due to the organization and work of the ministry teams and the administrative oversight by our church council, our pastor can focus on being a spiritual leader and pastor to both our congregation and the broader community.
  • Our congregation is committed to being as welcoming and caring of a new pastor as we are of one another.