Our Giftedness

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Our congregation is welcoming and caring. We have a strong church family which includes all, and is often the reason new members cite for their continued attendance and for seeking membership after an initial visit.

Christ Lutheran Church is gifted with a financially supportive congregation. Evidence of this can be found in the record of balanced budgets that have allowed for the repayment of mortgage debt by 2020, in the upkeep of our building and property, in the completion of special projects such as the chapel and memorial garden, and in the generous donations which fund monthly service projects through the Second Sunday, Second Basket collection.

Volunteers, of all ages, is a third gift of Christ Lutheran Church. A wide range of volunteers contribute to the success of the many programs and activities that complete our purpose. That being said, we are an aging congregation. While we have experience and wisdom, we often find we are in need of strength, stamina, and a youthful perceptive. Aging is a very real obstacle for our congregation