Prospective Pastors & Members

This section is to help prospective Pastors and prospective members to become more familiar with:

  • Who We Are
  • Who We Seek as a Pastor
  • Our Community
  • Our Purpose
  • Our Giftedness
  • Our Mission
  • Ways in Which We Support Our Pastor
  • Our Programs
  • Our Goals
  • ELCA/Synod Partnerships
  • Community Collaborations
  • Stewardship
  • Our Facilities

Who We Are

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Christ Lutheran Church, established as a mission church in September of 1960, is a community of believers drawn by the Holy Spirit to worship together (in a traditional liturgical format) and to grow in our understanding of a Christ centered life as we follow the precepts of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the teachings of Martin Luther. We celebrate life together and serve one another and the wider community generously with our time, talent, and treasure as we proclaim, “Christ Cares, Share the Faith.”

Who We Seek as a Called Pastor

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Christ Lutheran Church is seeking a solo pastor to lead us as we celebrate our 60th year and look ahead in faith to a bright, purposeful future. We seek a spiritual leader who excels in the caring and nurturing of his/her flock, who works well with diverse individuals of all ages, and who is an effective communicator within the church and the broader community.

Our Community

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Quincy, Illinois, the "Gem City", is a Midwestern community (population 40,400) located on the Mississippi River near the Missouri-Iowa border and within easy driving distance to St. Louis and Columbia, MO as well as Iowa City, IA and Springfield, IL.  As a regional hub, Quincy has a strong agribusiness, healthcare, light manufacturing, and education economy and serves as the regional retail/service hub. We are home to Quincy University, Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing, and John Wood Community College. There is a strong K-12 public education system as well as two private K-12 educational options. We have a varied and vibrant arts community, over 1,000 acres of city parks, including an extensive walking/biking trail, and two family oriented recreation facilities. The median age in Quincy is 39; 90% of the population is Caucasian, 5.8% African- American, and 4.2% either Hispanic, Asian, or other. Both the unemployment rate and the cost of living are below the national and state averages. Quincy is a pleasant, architecturally diverse, and active community with friendly people and an affordable lifestyle.

Our Purpose

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Christ Lutheran Church is a Christian family called by the Lord Jesus Christ to proclaim the Good News of the gospel of Christ, to respond with compassion to the needs of those in the wider community, and to create a congregational climate which fosters growth, commitment and Christian fellowship. Enriched by our distinctive, traditional ministry of Word and Sacrament and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we seek to make disciples of all who respond to God’s gracious invitation, helping them to grow in faith and in faithfulness and in identifying gifts which can be used for the good of the whole church.

Our Giftedness

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Our congregation is welcoming and caring. We have a strong church family which includes all, and is often the reason new members cite for their continued attendance and for seeking membership after an initial visit.

Christ Lutheran Church is gifted with a financially supportive congregation. Evidence of this can be found in the record of balanced budgets that have allowed for the repayment of mortgage debt by 2020, in the upkeep of our building and property, in the completion of special projects such as the chapel and memorial garden, and in the generous donations which fund monthly service projects through the Second Sunday, Second Basket collection.

Volunteers, of all ages, is a third gift of Christ Lutheran Church. A wide range of volunteers contribute to the success of the many programs and activities that complete our purpose. That being said, we are an aging congregation. While we have experience and wisdom, we often find we are in need of strength, stamina, and a youthful perceptive. Aging is a very real obstacle for our congregation

Our Mission

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The top three mission priorities which hold the most promise for continued development at Christ Lutheran Church are growth in faith, growth in witnessing, and growth in membership. Attracting young to middle aged adults with families, while continuing to serve the needs of the older community, is our future. Over the past few years, we have focused on learning opportunities for children and youth but there is still more work to be done there. We also need to provide meaningful opportunities for adult learning and Bible study. Finally, the congregation needs a new pastor to lead us in proclaiming the Good News of Christ, Jesus.

Ways in Which We Support Our Pastor

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  • We currently have in place a Mutual Ministry team whose function is to provide support and direction to the pastor and to review the ministry of the pastor and congregation together.
  • We have an open connection with the Quincy Area Ministerial Association, which is available to our pastor, along with participating in the Volunteer Chaplaincy Program at Blessing Hospital. We also support our pastor's involvement as a volunteer chaplain at our area nursing homes. Participation in these groups provide opportunities for our pastor to build meaningful, faith-based relationships with pastoral colleagues throughout the immediate area.
  • We provide our pastor with monetary support for professional development and for attendance at conference and synod level meetings of the Central/Southern Illinois Synod of the ELCA.
  • The ministry teams and executive committee carry out many of the business and administration functions of the church, care of the property, and directing of programs of outreach to the congregation and community. Due to the organization and work of the ministry teams and the administrative oversight by our church council, our pastor can focus on being a spiritual leader and pastor to both our congregation and the broader community.
  • Our congregation is committed to being as welcoming and caring of a new pastor as we are of one another.

Our Programs

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The various programs for mission and ministry of Christ Lutheran Church are developed and overseen by one or more of our ministry teams in response to the objectives and action steps of the Christ Lutheran Church Strategic Plan. The current ministry teams are Communications, Fellowship, Learning, Mutual Ministry, Building Maintenance, Grounds Maintenance, Service, Stewardship, and Worship.

Programs designed to meet the needs of members and to involve Christ Lutheran Church in the community and world include groups such as the Christ Lutheran Church Choir, Altar Guild, Home-Bound Communion Ministers, Shepherding Circles, Blessing Buddies, Youth Group, Book Club, Prayer Shawl, and Prayer Warriors; and activities such as monthly food collections to support local food banks, a yearly garage sale that supports church and community projects, Kids’ Night Out, indoor and out-door work days, Adopt-a-Plot program to maintain landscaping, support of an ELCA missionary, monthly ELCA World Hunger contributions, CROP Walk, God's Work Our Hands, and many more.

Our Goals

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The Strategic Plan of Christ Lutheran Church identifies the following goals:

1. Worship God - Provide opportunities for praise and worship that honor God and facilitate meaningful participation by lay people.

2. Reach Out - Attract people seeking to know and serve Christ for whom Christ Lutheran Church would be a good fit.

3. Make Disciples - Nurture growth in faith and knowledge for members of all ages, that we may respond to our Lord’s call to love and serve God and our neighbor.

4. Care for Each Other- Build and sustain relationships of mutual love, care and support for brothers and sisters in Christ.

5. Serve the Neighbor - Use our gifts and resources to serve and care for people in need as we are called. 6. Maintain a Sound Support Structure - Maintain efficiency, effectiveness, accountability, and good stewardship of resources in our organization and operations.

ELCA/Synod Partnerships

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Christ Lutheran Church is proud to be an ELCA congregation. We actively support the ELCA financially, as well as providing additional support through blanket, soap, and bandage donations to LWR, and special collections for disaster and famine relief. Our congregation participates in the yearly “God’s Work. Our Hands.” service day sponsored by the world wide ELCA organization. We are entering our third year of missionary support to St. Andrew’s United Church in Cairo, Egypt. We send representatives to the Central Southern Illinois Synod meetings, the Synod's Northwest Conference Assembly, and provide monthly benevolence support to the Central Southern Illinois Synod. We have grown into a cohesive group that comes together to get things done through our involvement in ELCA and synod programs, as well as involvement in local efforts to serve God’s people

Community Collaborations

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Christ Lutheran Church is currently a member of the Quincy Area Ministerial Association and a member of the Quincy United Way “unmet needs” committee. We support three area food banks on a rotating basis. These are Luther Memorial, St. John Lutheran, and the Salvation Army. Our facilities serve as a polling place as well as being used by a variety of community organizations, which include the Boy Scouts of America, the League of Women Voters, Quincy Area Newcomers, and Paddles for a Purpose. Instrumental and voice lessons, and a Tai Chi class are available from independent instructors. In addition, we currently collaborate with Luther Memorial Church through the following programs and activities: Youth Group; Vacation Bible School; Thanksgiving Eve worship; publication of an Advent devotional booklet; Mid-week Advent services; “Gods’ Work. Our Hands.” Sunday; and Confirmation classes

Our Stewardship and Finances

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We believe that good stewardship includes sharing all that God has given us, to include: our time; our talent; and our financial gifts. Our annual fall stewardship campaign encourages members to make commitments to volunteer in the ensuing year in addition to making a financial pledge toward the operating budget.

Ninety percent of operating budget typically comes from pledged giving. We consider the operating budget the foundation for all we do in Christ’s name. While 85% of those budgeted funds are used to support staff and facilities, it is our firm belief that both are critical to our ability to provide meaningful worship experiences to all who enter here. This is a priority for our congregation. Having well maintained facilities and a well-trained staff are also extremely important in supporting the Christian outreach completed thru each of our ministry teams and their many volunteers. This outreach is also a priority for Christ Lutheran Church and the remaining funds from the operating budget are provided to these teams to assist with those efforts.

While our annual stewardship campaign is only a five-week period in the fall of each year, stewardship toward mission at Christ Lutheran Church is alive and well throughout the entire year. We are blessed with an extremely giving congregation beyond what is pledged and given thru the annual stewardship campaign. Our church family not only donates thousands of hours a year in volunteer service to the Lord’s work, but they also contribute financially well beyond their annual giving. For example, in 2019, in addition to budgeted funds from pledged offerings, we put over $40,000 in non-budgeted gifts and fundraising receipts to work through our various ministry teams. The work of these teams touches lives on behalf of Christ not only here in Quincy, but throughout the world.

Our Facilities

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The current site of just under four acres of land, which represents the first and only permanent home of Christ Lutheran Church, was approved for purchase by the congregation on July 30, 1961. The first worship service was held here on March 7, 1965.  Thirty-six years later, on April 22, 2001, the congregation approved a three-phase contract to expand the church facilities. The new, handicap accessible building, which included a sanctuary, narthex, and restrooms, was dedicated on June 2, 2002. This project also included the renovation of the original sanctuary to include new pastor and secretary’s offices, fellowship hall, and remodeled kitchen, along with the addition of a new main entrance and parking lot. The sanctuary can now accommodate up to 200 individuals for worship and the fellowship hall capacity is 125 with tables and chairs and 250 people with chairs only. Between 2010 and 2018 the original offices and classrooms were converted for other uses and the outdoor playground originally built in 2006 was upgraded. The current use of the remodeled indoor space includes a nursery, youth room, bridal room and lounge, property team workroom, and a chapel and columbarium. The chapel and columbarium, which was our latest building renovation project, was dedicated on January 21, 2018.

We are now focused on upgrades to our outdoor spaces to include our new memorial garden, which was dedicated on October 27, 2019. Additional landscaping improvements have been made in 2020 to include south and west side landscaping and the east side parking lot. Work still needs to be done to once again upgrade our playground.  Due in great measure to two property teams that take excellent care of our facilities, and a congregation committed to proper support of those facilities, we do not have any deferred maintenance at this time. The mortgage on the 2002 addition was paid off in January 2020 and we are currently a debt free church family.

Southeast to Northwest view
Memorial garden
Brides Room Lounge
Main entrance
Fellowship Hall
Pastors Office
South Side view of Christ Lutheran Church
Worship Service
West side view of Christ Lutheran Church