The Gifts of Advent: Patience, Hope & Family

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A gift is given freely and offered in love.  In the weeks before Christmas, we often race around finding just the right gifts for friends and family. But, as Pastor Tony wrote recently, “The gifts that we open on Christmas morning are nothing compared to the gift that God has given us in Jesus Christ. The gifts that we give and receive at Christmas are perishable, but the gift and promises that we have received in Jesus Christ—God’s only son—are “imperishable, undefiled, and unfading” (1 Peter 1:4).” The season of Advent is itself a gift from God—a time set apart to prepare our hearts for the coming of His son, Jesus Christ. We give thanks for God’s gift to us in that baby of Bethlehem.

Advent Evening Prayer Services

This year our mid-week Advent services highlight three gifts of Advent that become blessings in our lives: patience, hope, and family. We will once again use the “Holden Evening Prayer” setting as we contemplate these gifts. Services begin at 6:30 p.m. at Christ Lutheran. Please join us!

  • Dec. 4: The Gift of Patience – Waiting is hard. We eagerly anticipate the desires of our hearts and want them to come soon. Just as the farmer waits for crops or the fig tree waits for summer, we are reminded to be patient until the coming of the Lord. Our speaker will be Skylar Engle from Luther Memorial and special music will be provided by Amy Stollberg.

  • Dec. 11: The Gift of Hope – Hope is a word on which our future rests. We cannot know what will come, but with faith we place our hope in Christ. Our speaker will be Brandon Ross and special music will be provided by Roger Wegehenkel and John Moore.

  • Dec. 18: The Gift of Family – The Gospel of Matthew begins with a family tree from Abraham to Jesus and the Advent and Christmas seasons highlight the significance of family and friends in our lives. As God’s children, we become part of that great family tree. Our speaker will be Bonnie Scranton and special music will be provided by Cathy Flick.

Advent Daily Devotional Booklet

Our 2019 Advent Devotional Booklet focuses on the Advent gift of patience while we wait on Christ’s guidance, love, and support, knowing that waiting patiently on the Lord, if we do it correctly, is anything but passive. Waiting on Christ means getting closer to Him in order to discern His will in our lives. It means praying, and reading; listening and being humble; and constantly opening our eyes, our ears, and our hearts to the Lord’s will for us. Our booklet includes a devotional for each day from Dec. 1 – Dec. 24.

Devotionals this year were penned by Christ Lutheran members, friends, and saints. Many thanks to all who participated! Copies are available on the narthex table and will be posted on our website daily. We hope you will take time this Advent season to read about the various moments in life when our authors found themselves waiting on the Lord. If you can’t get to church and would like a booklet mailed or delivered to you, please contact Bree Wingerter in the church office, 217-224-1624.