Express Yourself

I like how there is a Shepherd’s Circle. This is a group we are assigned to as members. The circle looks out after us and if we are in any need or hardships or sick, the circle will let the congregation know and we can be helped. - Shelly Crane

First Time Visitor?

Communion Service

Visiting a church for worship for the first time can be awkward.  What is the service like?  What do most people wear?  Will they do something that makes me feel uncomfortable?

What Can I Expect At Christ Lutheran?

Christ Cares: Share the Faith

Since Christ Jesus cares so much for us that he gave his life to free us from all evil and even death, we are free to care for others.  By God’s grace, we are a caring congregation filled with peace and hope. 

Never been a Lutheran?  That’s no problem – come on over!  Visitors always say they feel a genuine warmth and love in our church.

The Resurrection Cross

The outer cross, which we can see, represents the created world which we can experience with human senses. The inner cross - made of air- which we cannot see represents the spiritual world, the eternal life which we can experience now in this material world, ONLY BY FAITH.

The two worlds are connected by the Greek letter Chi, which looks like the English letter X. Chi is the first letter of CHRIST in Greek.


The 60 year history of Christ Lutheran Church began with its establishment as a mission church of the Luther Memorial Church congregation. Sixty-five members of Luther Memorial transferred to the new congregation. Christ Lutheran's first worship service was held at Chaddock Boys School Chapel on September 11, 1960. The congregation installed their first pastor, the Rev. Robert Lee Hauss on December 10, 1961.