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Christ Lutheran is such a friendly church. I feel like I’m part of a big family where all care about each other and pray for each other. So many prayers have been answered. Most of us stay for at least an hour after service and sit and visit and have delicious snacks. We are blessed to have Pastor Gayle and Terry. Please come and visit. All are welcome - Pat

Christ Cares, Share the Faith.

During its 60 year history, members of Christ Lutheran Church have been fulfilling their mission of "Christ Cares, Share the Faith" through worship, fellowship, and service to the community and the world.

Since Christ Jesus cares so much for us that he gave his life to free us from all evil and even death, we are free to care for others.  By God’s grace, we are a caring congregation filled with peace and hope.

Never been a Lutheran?  That’s no problem – come on over!  Visitors always say they feel a genuine warmth and love in our church.